Shunyata Research

Since 1998, Shunyata Research has been recognized as one of the top manufacturers of AC cables and power line conditioners, as well as "signal cables" consisting of interconnects, speaker cables and digital cables. Company founder and former US military scientist, Caelin Gabriel, developed a number of patented technologies to create products that have earned critical and professional acclaim the world over. Shunyata's products are designed and produced across the Puget Sound from Seattle. Having broken through into audiophile consciousness with their innovative Powersnakes AC power cables in the 1990's, they remain today at the cutting edge for power cords such as the Shunyata Python, Cobra and Anaconda. They also make some of the best power conditioners including the Shunyata Hydra, Talos and Triton. These designs incorporate exclusive isolation and noise reduction systems for the lowest noise floor without current limiting. The unique Ztron series Shunyata interconnects and speaker cables cover a broad cross-section of the high-end audiophile market. Select Shunyata Research products are available for audition in your home and on your system through our Cable, Component and Hi-End Headphone Lending Library.

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