Following two decades of involvement in other high-end audio projects by the principals, Audience was formed in the late 1990's to develop an unconventional crossover-less speaker system. Ten+ years of development has yielded significant developments in loudspeaker design, but importantly, along the way, Audience also developed a line of “ultra-thin” low mass/low eddy current resistant Audience interconnects, Audience speaker cables and Audience AC power cables. The thin and flexible Audience Au24 cable concept also lends itself with great success to the Audience tonearm cables and digital cables. The Audience iPod cables should not be overlooked for computer and portable applications. The need for a source of clean AC power was met by the development of the Audience AdeptResponse power conditioners. Initially, the Audience team built their own AC line conditioners for nothing more than in-house product development and for use at trade shows. But the outside world discovered the superior quality of Audience power line filtration and insisted the technology be made available to them. Even the capacitors used in the Audience Adept Response power conditioners are Audience designs that have become a reference also used in many great audio products across a multitude of brands. Audience products are hand-built in San Marcos California. Select Audience products are available for audition in your home and on your system through our Cable, Component and Hi-End Headphone Lending Library.

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