Super Plus Platform

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Please note, this item is custom-made to order. As such, it is subject to extended lead-times. Usually about 3-4 weeks, but occasionally stretching out to 5-6 weeks.

Symposium designed the Super Platform to satisfy the problems and requirements of equipment support from a perspective which takes into consideration not only isolation, but also energy drainage out of equipment. The original Super Platform was the first dedicated equipment base to use symmetrical constrained layer damping with metal top and bottom layers.

The Difference
When effectively "coupled" to high performance audio components (as at right, with included* Large Couplers), the Super Plus effects significant improvements in dynamics (the contrast between soft and loud sounds), bass timbre, overall clarity and soundstaging, all due to a reduction in noise intermodulation. Three Symposium Couplers contact the bare metal bottom of the component chassis, enabling an efficient mechanical grounding or "coupling" to the top layer of the Platform. This aluminum layer becomes, in essence, a mechanical extension of the component chassis.

The original Super presented unique problems in manufacturing. Initially, the various layers were carefully assembled to each other, one by one, in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets, until one very large Super Platform weighing over 300 pounds was made. Each board was then cut from this master ”planchette." Beyond the difficulties encountered in the cutting and finishing of these early boards, theory suggested that better performance could be accomplished if the foam layer were indented from the top and bottom sections, and if a suitable, non-resonant damping were applied to the perimeter of the board. Accordingly, a different manufacturing process was developed to realize these goals. Painting was abandoned in favor of textured vinyl edging, and the foam was indented from the edges. The result refined the performance of the original Super with greater neutrality as well as superior isolation and absorption at higher frequencies. This was the second generation of Super Platform.

Later, a third generation developed when the1/2" foam section was upgraded to 3/4" for additional "heat sinking," which further improved performance. Finally, the Super Plus echoed its new, bigger brother, the Ultra Platform, borrowing an additional top layer of anodized aluminum which was bonded to a base layer of 1/8" aluminum. By utilizing two constrained aluminum top layers, improved high frequency neutrality was realized. With active components, this is perceived as better resolution, with faster, more precise highs with reduced overhang, "glare," and distortion. These hallmarks of the Ultra's design are now realized in a platform with less thickness (overall 2.75"), the Super Plus of today.

The Super Plus, when installed correctly, will make significant, across-the-board improvements, including more "punch," greater overall purity, a lowered noise floor, more bass impact with better control, wider soundstaging and better dynamics.

The Super Plus is the direct descendant of Symposium's first product, the Super Platform, which was developed in 1992 and first introduced as a retail product in 1993. Originally built as a practical sonic foundation for use beneath power amplifiers on floors, it has proven to be an extremely versatile system accessory, benefiting virtually all components, including Streamers, disc players, turntables, preamps, amps, power supplies, power conditioning equipment, active crossover networks, even loudspeakers and subwoofers! The Super Plus also improves performance with video equipment.

Hallmarks of the original (1993-1996) Super:
  • 1⁄2 inch center foam section
  • 0.125" aluminum top, .040" bottom aluminum layer
  • Brushed "mill" finish aluminum top and bottom
  • Black painted sides
  • No indentation of foam section
  • Packaged with 3 Precision Couplers. 

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