Segue ISO Platform

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Please note, this item is custom-made to order. As such, it is subject to extended lead-times. Usually about 3-4 weeks, but occasionally stretching out to 5-6 weeks.

Segue ISO picks up where the standard Segue platform leaves off - adding unique isolation footers which correctly isolate and damp vertical waves without the distortions and compromise of more commonplace approaches employed by other manufacturers. 

Placed under any type of turntable, the Segue ISO delivers a new dimension of musical transparency in a reasonably priced solution. The ISO achieves its goal through an innovative, effective isolation system, which combined with Symposium's neutral platform damping, eliminates euphonic resonances, colorations, dynamic restriction, and "HiFi" artifacts. These are the bane of isolation systems which rely upon lesser materials, such as rubber balls, polymer layers, magnets, cones or even air bladders.

The Segue ISO combines Symposium's damped-layer technology with a simple yet effective breakthrough in footer isolation to provide both low frequency isolation AND musical spectrum damping. Usually, isolation platforms might provide one or the other function, but not BOTH in the same platform. Segue ISO is the first platform to provide both functions at an affordable price. Segue ISO is designed to exceed the performance of isolation platforms up to triple its price, perhaps more!

STEALTH EDITION: Building on the performance of the ground-breaking Segue design, the Segue Stealth bonds an extra layer of black-anodized aluminum to the top plate of the Segue for a noticeable performance boost and a different aesthetic. Bonding the anodized aluminum layer to the top of the Segue Stealth increases the platform's vibration absorption qualities for a substantial improvement in resolution, tonal balance, presence and power.

The LDSS Isolation Foot - a simple concept implemented in an ingenious way!
After a decade of research and after receiving two patents, the Linear Displacement Suspension System Isolation Foot (aka LDSS) was born. A blending of the best aspects of three types of isolation materials: Spring, Cone and Damping materials, the LDSS foot outperforms them all! The spring is a high-precision, stainless steel design, its conical shape terminates to a point, emulating the energy draining characteristics of a cone point. The coil design delivers linear displacement characteristics over the entire compression range, ensuring no change in tonal balance. As the LDSS foot moves in response to energy, the amount of resistance (aka the opposing force) remains constant and linear throughout the range which dramatically improves dynamics, preserves bass integrity and ensures transient accuracy. The foam damping material eliminates resonances caused by the metal of the spring and improves isolation response, eliminating "ringing" and overhang. Taken all together, the Linear Displacement Suspension System is a deceptively simple yet impressively effective technology to unlock the true potential of any turntable, regardless of price. Not just turntables, but ANY source component, whether digital or analog will benefit from a Segue ISO.

Back in the late 1990s, Symposium was looking for a linear, effective way of taming vertical waves which are in essence, low frequency waves. These wreak all sorts of havoc on turntables and distort analog reproduction. Symposium tested and rejected many technologies which are now commonplace in the industry. Initial testing included a variety of rubber ball types, Sorbothane pads of different dimensions and thicknesses, dozens of Polymer layer types, and various other types of isolation footers and cones, including air bladders and even magnetic suspensions were tested and rejected. Although each technology showed initial promise in either measurements or effectiveness, ultimately, all were deemed to introduce too much coloration or distortion to the music. Enter the ingenious LDSS, which provides superior low frequency isolation with better bass control and definition than is possible with any other conventional technology.

The Segue ISO is 2.25" (~57mm) tall when unloaded and and 1.75" (~44mm) when fully loaded.
A standard 19x14 (480x355mm) platform weighs approximately 8 lbs (~3.6 Kg). but due to size, ships as dimensional weight.
The Segue ISO can be ordered in virtually any size and there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for custom sizes, as long as they fit into a standard size as listed above.
Please allow an extra two weeks for custom sizes, contact us for more details or add a note in the comments section of your order with the desired size.

Movable 5th Footer
Segue ISO platforms ship with 4 LDSS ISO footers permanently attached to the platform. A 5th footer is supplied as a separate unit with an adhesive layer, which allows more precise leveling of components  with unbalanced weights, by simply placing the 5th footer under the platform to compensate for any irregular weight distribution. This is especially useful for turntables with heavy or separate motors!
Once the desired position is acheived, the 5th footer can be left as is, or permanently attached to the platform using the adhesive layer.

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