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Large Regular Purifiers (Single)

by Bybee


Large REGULAR Quantum Purifier 
This new product replaces the original Bybee Large Regular Quantum Purifier.  It has been re-designed and engineered to be smaller than the original model, yet is even more effective.   This product is made with 14 gauge copper leads, which is suitable for handling currents up to 15 amps.  The Large Regular Quantum Purifiers can be used in-line in most any signal application consistent with the current handling capacity. This product will reduce noise and improve the overall signal to produce better detail resolution and greater warmth and harmonic richness.   This product is included in the Speaker Bullet Kit, and is typically used on the negative leg.  Lower current applications should consider the Slipstream Quantum Purifiers.  Potentially higher currents should consider using the AC Bullet.

Body Length: 1 inch
Diameter: 1/2 inch
Leads: one inch, 14 gauge copper
Current-handling: 15 A
Voltage: >1000 V
Resistance: 0.025 ohm

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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