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International Frequent Flyer Program:


We use a sliding discount scale based on the value of your current order plus the total business you have done with us in the past, which means the larger your cumulative purchases from us over time, the better your pricing on each subsequent purchase!

When your total orders including the current transaction exceed $1000 you qualify for 5% additional discount on all of your new product purchases. The discount percentage will increase to 7% once your aggregate orders exceed $1500. These discounts will also apply to all of your orders in the future.

In some cases we have special sales offering even better prices to our customers than our Sliding Scale of Discounts would provide. Of course Used Products have big discounts! And some manufacturers may restrict their dealers' ability to offer discounts. With The Cable Company you can always be assured that we will apply the lowest possible price to your order, whether this is a special offer in effect at the time of your order, or our Frequent Flyer Sliding Scale of Discounts, or a Manufacturer's Minimum.

Discounts do not appear on our website order form, but will be manually applied to your orders when they are processed in our office. We will confirm your order including final pricing, and freight costs by email. Or if you want to know all incentives and freight costs before finalizing your order, choose "Request Final Price" when you are completing your order, and we will send you a pro forma invoice for your approval before completing the order.

We invite our INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS to take full advantage of all Cable Company services, except for the “Cable Library,” which is only offered in the USA. But you can still benefit from the data we collect when audiophiles are trying cables at home in their systems. When we receive feedback on what cables work with what components we track this information in our “Cable/ Component Matching Database.” We can use this data as the source of recommendations for cables and other components for you to use in your system.

If you would like some suggestions for cables and other products to use in your system, please complete our Consultation Form.

Lowest price: Overseas customers can take advantage of the lowest domestic USA prices including discounts and special offers, and can further benefit from favorable exchange fluctuations. Furthermore, your purchase is free of all U.S. taxes. Local customs or other levies are for the account of the purchaser. Note: not all products are available for shipment to all locations.

Payment for purchases: is to be made in advance by credit card (VISA/Barclaycard, Mastercard/Access, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, or JCB), US$ bank draft, Bank Wire Transfer, or Paypal.

Freight costs: We offer free standard airmail for NEW terminated cables (unterminated bulk cable not included) and small item purchases over $300, or $38-$48 flat charge for faster Express Mail EMS, UPS, or FEDEX service (this fee is only $38 for shipments to North America, Asia, and Western Europe, and $48 for  E. Europe, Africa, and South America). We generally ship by airmail or FEDEX/UPS air courier and you can specify your choice on the order form. Freight costs for orders under $300, unterminated bulk cable, heavier orders, or USED items:
    •US Mail to Canada: $19.85 first pound + $2.95 for each additional pound (1kg=2.2 lb.)
    •Ground courier service (2-5 days) to Canada: $24.85 first pound + $2.95 for each additional pound (1kg=2.2 lb.)
    •Other International Airmail: $19.85 first pound + $5.95 for each additional pound
    •FEDEX/UPS Air Courier (W.Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico): $38 first pound + $4.95 for each additional pound
    •FEDEX/UPS Air Courier (E. Europe, Africa, South America): $48 first pound + $6.95 for each additional pound.

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