HFT 2.0: High Frequency Transducer (Set of 5)


Synergistic Research has developed a new transducer called the HFT-2.0 which adds warmth and presence to speakers and rooms. Based on the "UEF" (Uniform Energy Field) concept, the HFT-2.0 will "re-tune" spurious speaker cabinet and driver vibrations to more favorable frequencies. The simple application of an HFT-2.0 to the right and left side of the speaker cabinet at woofer height (or centered on the side of the vertical frame for a panel speaker), with another HFT-2.0  attached to the center of the wall behind the listening position at 5-6 feet above the floor, provides a powerful upgrade. 

A further upgrade can be achieved by using the HFT-2.0 in conjunction with the HFT-X product. Application guide available - just contact us.

Sold in sets of 5.


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