Foundation Ultra Rack

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Foundation Ultra Rack
Modular Equipment Rack System

Rack Footprint: 23.75" W x 20" D

Same as the Standard but with "Ultra" style.  Isolated top level and Tellurium Copper bottom leveling spikes.

The Symposium Foundation Rack

Why “Foundation” Rack? Simply, because the shelf levels of the Foundation Rack utilize the basic, founding principle invented by Symposium over 20 years ago of multiple constrained-layers organized in a density-ordered progression from higher to lower density. This construction technique is the “foundation” for our seminal shelf and platform technology, and is but the starting point in a rack design the sum of whose quality features far exceeds its price point.

The Foundation Rack’s shelves are affordable yet sophisticated solid shelving. They consist of an attractive black anodized aluminum top layers, an intermediary high density layer, a thick neutral composite center, and a bottom high density layer. This balanced, symmetrical construction assures 1) freedom from resonance 2) good damping of vibratory energy from components 3) an optimal interface for aftermarket cones and footers, and 4) ensures that the shelves will remain flat and not warp or otherwise deform over time. Textured black vinyl edgebanding and a precision chamfer completes their appearance.

Standard shelf size is a full 20” width (between column posts) and 20” depth which accommodate most components, but deeper shelves are available on special order; the extended shelves are compatible with the standard leg footprint. The four-post design offers rigidity, strength, stability, and easy access to the rear panels of components.

Foundation Rack shelves are strong enough to accommodate components up to approximately 50 pounds or more, but for very high weight components, we offer reinforcement brackets of heavy duty, 3mm thick stainless steel, which are easily added to the bottom of the shelves to increase weight capacity of the shelf with which they are used to hundreds of pounds.

The critical importance of any rack’s leg or frame system cannot be overstressed. The Foundation Rack uses the same high quality solid 6061 aircraft aluminum legs of our premium Osiris Rack systems. The leg system features solid 6061 aluminum alloy, sonically superior to steel, wood, brass, etc. Because of its superior mechanical transmission speed, solid aluminum offers excellent self-damping (non resonance), stability, excellent mechanical ground path, and enormous strength. The legs securely attach to and grasp the shelves for superb mechanical damping and grounding.

The Foundation Rack is modular and may be expanded at any time, or changed to accommodate different spacings with different length legsets. Stock legset lengths are 5”, 8”, 11” and 14”, but custom lengths are available on special order.

 If greater low frequency isolation is desired, patented Rollerblock Modules are compatible with and can be added to the frame system at any time to provide effective isolation to some or all shelf levels.

Present options include Ultra top shelves, modeled on the Symposium Ultra Platform, a classic high-end mainstay since its introduction in 1997. The Foundation Rack’s optional Ultra top level features double-section, constrained layer shelves with an isolating/damping internal 1.5” thick center foam section, and provides superior dynamics, improved bass extension and definition, and greater background silence.

We believe the Foundation Rack offers extraordinary value in today’s often overpriced high-end world, and makes a “sound foundation” for any fine music system.





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