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Since 1989 The Cable Company has been the world´s leading retailer of specialty audio cables.But more than that our real specialty is helping audiophiles with good equipment but so-so sound get the components working together as a great system. For our US customers, we can offer nearly every cable and powerline product, as well as select resonance control, acoustic, and other upgrade products for in-home evaluation through our famous Lending Library service.

Contact Hours: M-F 10am to 6pm and Saturdays 11am to 5pm (Sat. showroom hours by appointment only)
Email: cable@thecableco.com
Phone: 800-328-9973 or 215 862-4870
Fax: 215-862-4871
Address: 125 Union Square, New Hope PA 18938 USA

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Audiophiles Worldwide

For more information including our Frequent Flyer Program for Domestic Customers (click here) or for our International Customers (click here). Also, our FAQ is a click away to answer most questions.


For our US customers, we operate the Cable Library service offering home trial on over 60 brands of cables. Feedback from Library users drives our cable/component matching database. We can tell you what cables other audiophiles with your components have found to work best. There are many good cables, but we are looking for the optimal match for each system. Let us help you draw up your short list of cables for home audition. Learn more about The Cable Library in our "FAQ." (International Customers click here)

Power Line Products

Another core specialty area at The Cable Company that are available to try at home through the Lending Library. For more information see the Power Line Conditioners section in our "FAQ."

Acoustic Treatment, Resonance Control, Accessories

We are the masters of these important areas of high-performance audio and we can help! Call: (800) 328-9973 or (215) 862-4870 or Email us: cable@thecableco.com

Used and Demo Component Specials

Along with our Ultra Systems affiliate company, we offer equipment expertise and many components for in-home evaluation. Used and demo component specials appear in our Used Components database. For used cables you can jump to UsedCable.com.

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