Rollerblock Junior HDSE

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HDSE stands for "Heavy Duty Special Edition" but it could also stand for "High Definition Special Edition." HDSE is identical in size and form to standard Rollerblock Jr. but has the following enhancements:

1) Top grade 7075 "aircraft" aluminum alloy body 

7075 aluminum is harder than some steels and provides superior Brinnelling capacity (resistance to denting and deformation despite extreme pressure) and superior mechanical coupling to even high quality 6061 alloy. 

2) Special "Hard Coat" anodized body and cup area 

Hard Coat anodizing provides a thin, precision skin of ceramic-level hardness which constrain-layer damps the HDSE body and retards wear in the cup area. This is the same coating used in the Series 2 Rollerblock body. 

3) High precision Grade 10 Tungsten Carbide balls standard 

Tungsten Carbide is the best material for use in ball bearing isolation devices; Grade 10 means that each ball meets or exceeds a sphericity and diameter tolerance of 10 parts per million, which is 2.5 times better than the best "off the shelf" ball bearings available. These are the same high precision balls that are supplied with Series 2+ Rollerblocks, and are bettered only by the state-of-the-art Grade 2.5 Superball (see below). 

HDSE was originally developed for use with heavy loudspeakers (HDSE was first introduced in the Symposium Panorama loudspeaker), but is ideal with ALL components, both active and passive, and can be ordered in sets of 3 or 4. HDSE offers higher resolution and enhanced bass performance over standard Jr. versions in non-loudspeaker applications such as digital players, analog turntables, preamps, amps, power supplies and conditioners, etc. It is second in performance only to Series 2+ Rollerblocks. 

For best results, HDSE Rollerblocks (as well as other types) should always be placed directly under the component and in contact with the component's chassis (bypassing the attached feet), unless the component has a specially tuned suspension system. This is because a great part of what they do, in additional to providing nearly perfect lateral isolation at low frequencies, is provide superior coupling and energy drainage (resonance damping) throughout the audible range from the component to the support structure or dedicated "shelf." 

The only exception to this rule of placement is if you are using HDSE Rollerblocks in conjunction with a platform under loudspeakers, in which case the platform should be placed directly under the speaker, in contact with its cabinet (with no spikes or cones in between), and the HDSE Rollerblocks should then be placed between the platform and the floor. This provides maximum energy drainage and damping to the loudspeaker itself and provides lateral wave isolation and decoupling from returning bass waves which propagate through the floor. This is a powerful combination for realizing the maximum performance a loudspeaker has to offer. 

HDSE may also be ordered with State of the Art Grade 2.5 Superballs for maximum resolution. 

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