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Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer - iQSE

by Bybee


The iQSE (internal Quantum Signal Enhancer) is installed inside the chassis (often on the underside of the lid) of your electronics with double sided tape to improve the flow of electrons and protons in circuit boards.

Bybee Technologies has developed a product that is energized by electromagnetic fields. Once energized, our product resonates at the same frequency as the C13 atom. (Versus the more common carbon 12 atom - emphasis added)  Consequently, this creates a magnetic field of force effect.  In this magnetic field, the polarity of all electrons and protons are altered, affecting their oscillation by making them more aligned with each other. This reaction creates an affect that makes the transfer or sharing of electrons between atoms more streamline and efficient; and air molecules less resistant.

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The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Bybee Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer - iQSE
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