FrontRow Biwire Speaker Cable (Pair)

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Audience set the bar high when we imagined a cable line superior to our award winning SX series. Building upon what we’ve learned through our years of research and refinement we are proud to announce the all new frontRow Flagship line of Audience cables; shattering what we thought was possible.

frontRow represents the highest level of performance in audio cable products available today. With attention to detail and with the introduction of MORRE, the umbrella name under which we have placed all of Audience’s new and most powerful technologies, every part and portion of frontRow is meticulously and painstakingly designed in our unabating pursuit of signal integrity.

MORRE, Musically Optimized Reduction of Resistive Energies, is the culmination of our proven technologies integrated into the frontRow series. From cable geometries, to connectors, metallurgy, contact points, to shielding, bend radius, dielectric, jacketing materials, interactions between conductors and types of conductors, material resonant frequencies even the smallest design aspects are carefully considered within the MORRE process; refined and strenuously tested in order to produce this unrivaled cable line.

All of this advancement in frontRow cable design and development opens up a musical performance that is startling in its life-like presentation; removing veils that obscure the essence of the artist’s intention and bringing you into the center of the experience.


The Audience Flagship frontRow Speaker Cable is a unique cable design that brings more accurate, natural and phase correct musical information to your speakers than ever before. This new flagship Audience speaker cable introduces MORRE technologies and is destined to set a new standard in speaker cable performance for years to come.

Engineered with 2 x frontRow42 strand, plus 2 x frontRow96 strand 99.999% Pure OCC conductors in audience Double Cylindrical Perfect Lay geometry Each pair is carefully determined for signal directionality before build. frontRowSpeaker cable preserves all the purity of your music easily exceeding in performance even our award winning Au24 SX interconnects. The dielectric for these pristine conductors is (XLPE) Virgin Cross-linked polyethylene, providing the highest dielectric constant while exhibiting the most natural tonal properties. This new frontRowgeometry and materials effectively reduce the noise floor leaving more low level information and more “life” in the music.

Our very special Audience BoFa banana and Spade speaker connectors and Carbon Fiber Breakouts offer the highest degree of signal preservation. By use of a very special extreme voltage process, frontRowspeaker cables exhibit repeatable ballistic paths through the crystalline grain structure of the various signal conductors, connection points and connectors to provide a more direct channel for the signal to flow unimpeded, insuring the highest quality signal transfer and most secure connections to your components, and all with amazing flexibility and ease of use.

Our New MORRE Deep Cryo II and EHVP post production processes fundamentally change the baseline of the conductive lattice throughout the cable’s geometry reducing electron scatter and producing even greater signal preservation. Accuracy is the end result in preserving the signal.

Every frontRowSpeaker Cable is burned in during one of several MORRE post production processes providing the optimum level of performance right out of the box.

Each pair of frontRow Speaker Cable comes with a certificate of quality signed by the Master technician who built the cable.

frontRowSpeaker Cable breaks the boundaries of low level information retrieval to bring a new depth to your music and new life to your speakers.


  • Conductors: - 2 each 43 strand + 2 each 96 strand 99.9999% frontRowOCC Copper
  • Dielectric: - Virgin Cross-linked Polyethylene XLPE
  • Geometry: - frontRowDouble Cylindrical Perfect Lay
  • Connectors: - Audience Carbon Fiber Speaker Breakout, Audience Spades, BoFa Bananas
  • Build Time: - 5.0 hours
  • Post Production: - MORRE New Deep Cryo II - EHVP
  • Burn In: - 3 to 4 Days

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