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Wywires Trade-in Subsidies: Up to 100% Credit for your Exchanges

by WyWires (Specials)


When you are upgrading to new cables, we are happy to accept your old cables in trade. Wywires wants to sweeten the pot on your exchanges by bumping up your trade in value when you are purchasing a Wywires cable from The Cable Company.

Wywires is willing to provide a subsidy so that we can offer a better than usual trade in value to our customers who are interested in exchanging pretty much any name brand cable design. 

Just let us know:

-which Wywires cable is of interest to you, 

-and what is your exchange, 

and we will put our heads together with Wywires to get you a special deal.

The trade-in values will range from 30% to 100% of full retail depending on the age and condition of the cable(s) you are trading in, and which WyWires cable(s) you are purchasing.

To take advantage of this subsidized program, please contact us with the details of both the Wywires cable of interest to you, and your exchange cable (brand, model, length, termination, condition, age), and we will get back to you with a quote, usually within one business day. You can do this on the phone, by email, or by using the "Request for final price" option on our order form when you have a Wywires cable in your shopping cart.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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 Wywires Trade-in Subsidies: Up to 100% Credit for your Exchanges

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