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WOW: the Avantgarde Zero TA Speakers

WOW: the Avantgarde Zero TA Speakers
WOW: the Avantgarde Zero TA Speakers

Finally here is where this writer gives into his own audiophile aspirations to digress from strict affordability and/or the system upgrade products which other show writers will overlook, into the realm of really, really good loudspeakers. Straight up: the Avantgarde Zero is remarkable, the best full range speaker I have heard for under $30k or so. 

This design was originally released 2 years ago as a powered speaker with built in D/A conversion for just under $20k. They sounded great and garnered rave reviews including one from Jonathan Valin in TAS who usually only writes about 6 figure speaker systems, but like many of our readers, I already have a preamp and amp and cables and really prefer analog anyway, so this “smart speaker” wasn’t really for me. 

Confirming that I was not alone, Avantgarde has now released the Zero TA, still with active on board 12" subwoofers, but in the new model the powered bass is combined with conventionally driven horn midrange and tweeter, all in a sweet looking package in white or black finish for $15,600/pr.

For now, I just conclude this report with a big WOW, and if more than a few of you are interested in checking these speakers out in New Hope PA, we would consider adding these speakers to the shopping list for one of our sound rooms. Let us know!

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