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Wireworld Series 8 Cables

Wireworld Series 8 Cables
Wireworld Series 8 Cables

Following five years of research and development, Wireworld has released their Series 8 cables, the eighth generation incorporating their patented "DNA Helix" design approach where flat conductors with parallel strands are layered to prevent electromagnetic ‘eddy current’ losses.

For Series 8, the DNA Helix designs have been upgraded by increasing the number of strand groups, which strengthens the electromagnetic field that moves the signal through the cable. Also, a third generation composite insulation, Composilex 3, combines low loss with the lower triboelectric noise for enhanced purity and focus. In addition to those improvements many of the new speaker cables and some interconnects also benefit from increased wire gauge. The combination of these technical improvements provides surprising upgrades even over their very successful Series 7 designs.

From digital designs like Ethernet and USB to signal cables, from affordable to exotic, Wireworld offers outstanding cable designs founded in hard science and objective listening tests. 

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