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Why Victory?

Why Victory?
Why Victory?

We are getting questions about our Summer Against Hunger theme this year: "Declare Victory in August."

Why Victory?


In polls 90% of Americans say that global poverty is the same or getting worse, but the truth is that the world is beating poverty, disease and illiteracy. 

Some facts and figures:

-More than 100 million children's lives have been saved since 1990 due to vaccinations, improved nutrition, and access to medical care.

-When I was a child a majority of the world's adults were illiterate. Today it is less than 15%.

-If you define "extreme poverty" as less than $2 (inflation-adjusted) per person per day, less than 10% of the worldwide population falls into this category in 2017 compared to more than 90% for most of human history, and 250,000 people EVERY DAY exit this categorization according to the World Bank.

Two other events to celebrate:


 TODAY (on average):


  +300,000 people just got electricity for the first time.


  +280,000 just had their first access to clean water.

Why Victory?


Because well-organized, well-run, sustainable development programs work.

CARE is one of the most effective relief and development groups. They are known to be one of the first in when a humanitarian disaster occurs, and one of the last out as they set up and ensure the success of their sustainable development programs. We are proud to have supported their efforts for the 22 years of our Summer Against Hunger program. We get a lot of help: from our vendors, other sponsors, and YOU.

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