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What is Summer Against Hunger?

What is Summer Against Hunger?
What is Summer Against Hunger?

Over the past 24 years The Cable Company has generated over $5 million in donations to Care.org, most famous for the "CARE Package". In 2018 CARE reached over 63 million people in 93 countries, supported 950 sustainable development projects, as well as providing humanitarian relief in the hardest hit countries. Operating with very low overhead, 90 cents of every dollar received goes towards programs which help the neediest survive, and eventually thrive.

Every August either 50% or 100% of each dollar spent at The Cable Co supports CARE. It is 100% for our Sponsored Brands, so when you spend $100 on our Sponsored products, CARE gets $100. Spend $3500, CARE gets $3500. Dollar for dollar donation matching for our Sponsored Brands, that’s our guarantee. For all other purchases, even used products, CARE gets 50%.

It sounds strange. How can ALL of the money spent on Sponsored purchases go to CARE?

Easy, with matching grants! Our own contribution is matched by our Sponsoring vendors, which is then matched by an anonymous donor, and this total is further matched by an institutional donor. In short: in August when you invest in a product from one of our Sponsoring vendors, CARE gets an equal 100% benefit.

Click for more details and look for our ads appearing in the issues of Stereophile and The Absolute Sound mailing in August, and also in many on-line audio publications.

Interested in something not being sponsored? All products, even used products, purchased by our customers in August, generate at least a 50% donation to CARE. But do give our sponsors an extra look. These are our partners in this fundraiser, they make this event possible, and their generosity is worthy of your special consideration.

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