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WBT-0152 Ag RCA Connector (Single)

by WBT

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The RCA plug WBT-0152 is a product of the nextgenTM series, the next generation of WBT's RCA type connectors. The model WBT-0152 offers a perfect combination of a robust, stable plug body and a filigree signal conductor with reduced mass placed in the front part of the plug.

A new (2007) version of the WBT-0150 connector. Improved to utilize the nextgenTM insert. Contacts utilize passivated pure fine silver. The body is contructed with brass and then platinum plated to give a nice aesthetic appeal. The central contact assembly is made of Ultramid and the negative contact uses DyneonTM. The barrel is comprised of brass and finished in a glossy piano black color. A characteristic impedance of 75 ohms makes this a perfect match for digital audio and video.


It is the core of the nextgenTM innovation: minimalist in terms of the used metal mass, however the conductor material is made of fine silver. This guarantees an ultimate conductivity and a particularly dynamic and precise signal transmission. This new kind of construction makes WBT-0152 free from interferences to a large extent (eddy current) and helps to reach a considerably higher wideband transmission (less than or equal to 200 MHz) than the standard RCA plugs usually do. Only pure gold or platinum are used for the contact elements as protection against corrosion. EMI shielding against electromagnetic interfering fields The clamping sleeve enables a perfect shielding against electromagnetic interfering fields. This is why WBT-0152 is excellently suited for analogue outputs of low-level phono range, i.e. turntables (moving coil, moving magnet), microphones etc. since undesirable interspersions can be very high there depending on the nature of the devices and on what they are surrounded by (cellular phones, computers etc.).


The contact quality of conventional RCA type plugs are often undeniably poor. They "sit" in the socket rather badly. It is a matter of fact that e.g. the outer contact of RCA type sockets vary between 7.95 and 8.55 mm dia.! WBT has developed the patented collect chuck clamping device in order to enable a firm fit of the plug in the socket being necessary for a good contact as well as a constant high pressure. The patented collet chuck device makes it possible for WBT RCA plugs to adjust to all kind of RCA type sockets so perfectly. You turn the outer sleeve in the direction of the cable and the sleeve's cone presses the three outer contact elements firmly together. This not only provides for the necessary high contact pressure but also clamps the plug firmly to the socket. Consequently, the transition resistance is not only extremely low, but first of all very stable.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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WBT-0152 Ag RCA Connector (Single)

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  • WBT-0152 Ag RCA Connector (Single)


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