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VTS Tuning 2mm White Dots (Set of 10)

by Marigo Lab


Although they may seem too small to be effective, the Marigo dots are surprisingly effective tools at dampening the micro-vibrations inherent inside every audio component. Each color and size of dot has a different and specific application and one size or color should not be substituted for another. The dots take advantage of the constrained layer dampening theory; when multiple layers of differing materials are combined, they provide greater damping than an equivalently thick layer of a single material.




* ALL solid state devices: integrated circuits, voltage regulators, digital chips, 1 dot per device
* Output transistors: 1 tuning dot (please degrease transistor first)
* Rectangular resistors (Vishay, etc.): 1 tuning dot per device
* Medium size octal base vacuum tubes- on tip of key pin: 1 tuning dot per tube
* 9 pin miniature vacuum tubes- centered on bottom: 1 tuning dot per tube


The above information is from the manufacturer.
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