Nimbus Assembly NA-150 - 1.5 Inch


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HRS NA-150: Product FeaturesThe HRS Nimbus System incorporates a highly effective design to eliminate component chassis noise revealing a new level of musical performance. These products are precision manufactured from billet-machined aircraft aluminum and proprietary HRS polymers. A very specific amount of mass, stiffness, and damping from these products eliminate chassis resonance problems and transform residual chassis energy to heat. This special system utilized by audiophiles and industry professionals as their reference chassis noise reduction system.

    •    Broadband noise reduction design maximizes performance
    •    Effective on electronic chassis and speaker cabinets
    •    Selection of sizes and heights allow system optimization
    •    Proprietary polymers optimized from years of listening tests
    •    High grip design creates very stable system
    •    Separate Nimbus elements maximize configuration flexibility

There are two primary components to the Nimbus system:
        The all polymer Nimbus Coupler
        An anodized aluminum Nimbus Spacer

The HRS Nimbus system is placed directly on the shelf, supporting your component with one of the all polymer Nimbus Couplers in contact with the surface of the shelf, and another in direct contact with the bottom chassis of the component (not the existing component feet). The Nimbus Spacer is selected to give you the desired height of the system.
In the Assembly, the HRS custom-designed black anodized billet machined aircraft aluminum spacer is joined to two proprietary soft polymer couplers to create the ultimate isolation puck.

The Nimbus Assembly is available in three models at different heights: the NA100 at 1.0 inches, the NA150 at 1.5 inches, and the NA200 at 2.0 inches.

The HRS Nimbus line contains three main products: the all-polymer Nimbus Coupler, the all-aluminum Nimbus Spacer, and the bonded combination of both called the Nimbus Assembly. Nimbus was designed with the specific intent to reduce bottom-panel resonance and noise transmission of electronic chassis and speaker cabinets. The Nimbus line is intended to be used as feet under components or speakers, and as direct bottom-panel chassis dampeners. These three Nimbus product options allow for custom footer solutions to match your specific equipment.

When Nimbus products are used in-combination with the Damping Plates, they form a remarkable system for addressing vibration and neutralizing its negative effects on the performance of audio equipment.