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Using the links below you can take a look at the used components and accessory items we currently have available for sale. Used cables have their own website,, and the link for this site is on the right hand side of this page. --->


Take a look: We have reduced our sale prices by another 5% on the 1st of each month!

For new components sold by The Cable Company, you can click the "Components" link on the left side <--- of this page. But many of our component offerings are handled through our Ultra System retail showroom, which is a dealer for a vast array of high end components including Acapella, Accuphase, AirTight, Aktimate, Aqvox, ASR, Arcam, Ayon, BAT, Bel Canto, Bellari, Benchmark, Benz-Micro, Bergmann, Berkeley Audio Designs, Cavalli Audio, Clearaudio, Denon, EAR, Einstein, EPOS, Esoteric, Fanfare FM, Fosgate, Grado, Harmonic Resolution Systems "HRS", Hyperion, Lamm, Lindemann, Lyra, M2Tech, Merlin, Naim, NuForce, PS Audio, Rega, Reference 3a, Rogue, Sennheiser, Shelter, Soundsmith, Sutherland Engineering, TAD, Ultrasone, VPI, Wadia, Ypsilon, and many more. There is a link to the Ultra Systems website also on the right side of this page. --->

Please Note: When you view our used component product listings the prices are the Sale prices not Original Retail prices. Please see product page for original retail price, product condition rating and details. Thank you!

Used A/C Line Conditioners (6 items available)

Used Speakers (4 items available)

Used PreAmp (No items available at this time)

Used Digital (No items available at this time)

Used Turntable (No items available at this time)

Used Amp (3 items available)

Used Accessories (6 items available)

Used Analog (No items available at this time)

Used Rack (No items available at this time)

Used Headphone (5 items available)

Used Tuner (No items available at this time)

Used Footers (2 items available)

Used Acoustics (2 items available)

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