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Unadvertised Nordost Special Offers

by Nordost (Specials)


Unadvertised Nordost Special Offers

We have two limited time, money saving offers from Nordost, but we are not permitted to publish the special pricing. Contact us for pricing!

Nordost QRT Qx2 and Qx4 Power Purifiers

Each QX unit is comprised of a mechanically tuned, extruded aluminum case housing either two or four electromagnetic field stabilizers. When the AC line flows into the QX unit it passes directly through the field generated by these stabilizers, which strips the current of EMI and RF interference improving the consistency and regularity of the waveform and reduce timing errors, while maintaining the original bandwidth of the signal. This leads to a lower noise floor, greater dynamic range, and an overused term - musicality - that fits perfectly in this case.

When tested in an audio applications, the QX shows a signal-to-noise increase of 15%. Similarly, when tested on video, the QX unit shows an improvement of 15% in color saturation.

Nordost’s two QX units vary in the number of electromagnetic field stabilizers that are provided, using two in the QX2 (reg. $1799.99, contact us for special pricing) and four in the more powerful QX4 version (reg. $2699.99, contact us for special pricing).

You can test the Nordost QRT QX tech at home in your own system through The Cable Library.

Nordost Sort Lift

The best-dressed Nordost speaker cables are supported by their "Sort Lifts" (reg. $599.99 per pair, contact us for special pricing) to elevate the cables above the electro-mechanical haze that runs along the floor. The aluminum base inhibits static, especially on carpets, from transferring to the cable, while supporting the titanium springs which hold the cables vertically in place. Because of the vertical orientation you can space the Sort Lifts a 3 feet+ apart, so often just 2 per side does the trick.

Contact us for the special pricing on both of these special offers.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Unadvertised Nordost Special Offers

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Nordost (Specials)

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