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Save 20% on DH Labs "Thunder" Subwoofer Cable

by DH Labs Silver Sonic (Specials)


Save 20% on the DH Labs "Thunder" Subwoofer Cable

One of the best upgrades for any powered subwoofer is to improve the subwoofer cable. Unless you are running a REL subwoofer  using their high level connection from the amplifier, this means you need an RCA to RCA, or XLR to XLR subwoofer interconnect cable from the preamp or home theater processor to your sub. For the best balance of performance and cost the DH Labs Thunder Subwoofer Cable  is an excellent choice.

In order to avoid loading down the preamp with what is often quite a long cable, subwoofer cables need to be very low capacitance. The DH Labs Thunder fits the bill, and the high quality silver-plated Continuous Crystal Copper conductors offer speed and control to help that big woofer keep up with the main speakers. The Thunder incorporates high end materials and a design specific to the subwoofer application.

Use discount code SUB20 when you check out to save 20%.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Save 20% on DH Labs "Thunder" Subwoofer Cable

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Save 20% on DH Labs "Thunder" Subwoofer Cable

Save 20% on DH Labs "Thunder" Subwoofer Cable


DH Labs Silver Sonic (Specials)

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