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The New Carbon IEM from Periodic Audio

The New Carbon IEM from Periodic Audio
The New Carbon IEM from Periodic Audio
While on the subject of carbon, the new Carbon IEM (In-Ear Monitor) ($399) from Periodic Audio is here and it is simply stunning!  Periodic uses their own in-house-developed process for (relatively) affordably growing lab-quality diamonds on a custom polymer substrate, and use that as the basis for the new Carbon IEM.

The results are impressive. Their Beryllium IEM ($299) was already one of the lowest THD IEMs ever measured at http://www.head-fi.org, besting just about any IEM at any price. As good as that is, Carbon is better by 8-10 dB in lower THD.  

You want a “dark” background for your music? This is dark like the bottom of the ocean where things grow without eyes. There is simply nothing you hear – even at earsplitting SPL levels – that wasn’t present in the original recording. How low is the THD? Less than 0.1% at 100 dB SPL, which is basically no distortion at all.

Carbon carries forward the features that have made the other Periodic IEMs a favorite of our CableCo crowd. They’re super-light, with a highly flexible cable. Comfortable design. A flat 32 Ohm impedance for ease of drive on a cellphone or tablet. And extremely portable as they wind up really small and tight.  

About Periodic Audio

Periodic Audio was started in 2016 by some of the best earphone engineers in the business. Having cut their teeth at various other companies, these industry professionals brought impressive engineering credentials. The idea that started the company was that all the affordable ear-buds they owned were pretty awful and weren't very durable. They knew they could do better and could offer exceptional sound quality at reasonable prices. To that end, there are no fancy finishes, no over-hyped testimonials, just pure performance. All the value is on the inside: powerful magnets, exotic materials for the drive units, no-nonsense sturdy construction.
Periodic Audio makes it affordable (models at $99, $199, $299, and now $399) to get great sound anywhere. These are the in-ears you stuff in your pocket and bring wherever life takes you. Backed by a 5-year warranty, Periodic Audio is making a strong case for being the best value in IEMs on the market, and we tend to agree.
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