The Hi-End Headphone Library: Over 30 years ago we started our Cable Lending Library and thousands have had the opportunity to optimize their system by borrowing and auditioning cables in their own home, with their own systems and music. Similarly, there is no better way to determine a headphone's performance, system compatibility, and long term comfort, than with an extended in-home audition. And so based on the prototype of our Cable Lending Library, The Cable Company offers the Hi-End Headphone Lending Library.

We have assembled a selection of the finest High-Performance Headphones available. Top headphones from Audeze, Sennheiser, Grado, HiFiMan, Abyss, MrSpeakers, Focal, Sonoma and others are the foundation of our Hi-End Headphone Library.

Headphone Amplifiers are also important: What if you don't have a headphone amp worthy of these high-performance headphones? Not to worry. We have also assembled the best of high-performance headphone amplifiers for you to try at home. Now it is possible to borrow several sets of high-performance headphones and appropriate amplification to reach an informed decision based upon your own ears.

How can I borrow some headphones? Give us a call (800-328-9973 or 215 862 4870) and speak to one of our knowledgeable consultants, or contact us by email. Our customers in the US may borrow up to several headphones/ amps at a time from The Library for a period of approximately 2 weeks. Given shipping times this should leave the products actually in your hands for evaluation for approximately 7 to 10 days.

A deposit equal to 5% of the selling price of the borrowed products will be charged to your credit card when we ship. This deposit is not refundable but will be applied in full against purchases (headphones, or any other new or used products) from The Cable Company,, or our Ultra Systems affiliate.

While The Cable Company will pay domestic surface shipping charges on all headphone-related purchases over $50 shipping charges for products borrowed from The Library must be paid by the customer. We endeavor to minimize charges by making use of the least expensive UPS or FEDEX service which allows the consumer to take full advantage of the demonstration period.

A notice will be included with the shipment of borrowed products stating the date they should be shipped back to The Cable Company. The customer should contact The Cable Company at least 2 days before this return date to confirm the use of the prepaid return label, or so that The Cable Company can issue the necessary “call tag” for pick-up. Use of the return label or call tag saves the consumer having to deal directly with UPS or FEDEX.

While credit card, Paypal, cash, check or money order may be used to purchase products, access to The Library is by credit card only.

More on How The Cable Company's Hi-End Headphone Library Started: We have watched the headphone hobby grow and evolve over the last 10-12 years with great interest. A decade ago, as far as high-performance headphones are concerned, there were dynamic headphones that topped out with the Grado's and the long discontinued AKG K1000's, and there were electrostatic designs such as the Stax. While the electrostatic designs have remained pretty much unchanged (and limited from an audiophile perspective by their questionable amplifier designs), dynamic as well as orthodynamic (planar) headphones have advanced dramatically. This new generation of ultra-high performance dynamic headphones, when combined with the best of the high-performance headphone amps, offer a stunning level of performance - a level of performance that rivals the finest cost-no-object speaker-based audio systems.

Why Headphones?: Whether it's the neighbors, the spouse, the kids, the construction happening next door, or the coworker in the neighboring office, many audiophiles are not able to listen to their systems whenever they would like to. The right hi-end headphone system allows a music lover to enjoy their music at all hours of the day or night. However finding the right headphones has up until now been problematic. Few dealers demo any, much less multiple, high-performance headphones. There are trade shows and "Headphone Meets" where a short listen under noisy conditions (with unknown sources) is possible, but hardly allows a thorough evaluation. How can a music lover find the right headphones? We respectfully submit the answer to this question: The Hi-End Headphone Library!

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