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The Abyss Headphone line

The Abyss Headphone line
The Abyss Headphone line

We mentioned the outstanding Abyss headphones (pictured: from $4995) in our coverage of JPS Labs in the Cable Sponsors emails earlier this month. 

Their Abyss AB-1266 Phi is not a traditional headphone; this innovative design more closely emulates a full-range pair of speakers, and the driver elements sit just a little away from your head. This extra space and the design of the driver give the Abyss room to breathe and create what some have called the “perfect speaker in the perfect room” effect. The latest version, the Phi TC, may look the same as its predecessor, but under the hood much has changed. Featuring an all-new driver with a vastly stronger magnet and a lighter diaphragm, this combination increases efficiency by a whopping 3dB! The improvements can be heard top to bottom: low-frequencies now have more drive and depth, midrange has more space and texture, and the top octaves are sweeter and more resolving.

Their latest design, the Diana v2 (from $2995), is now also available in an upgraded "Phi" version ($3995), and combines much of the uber high end performance of the top model into a more elegant and much easier to drive design that can legitimately be considered a portable. 

All Abyss models are available for in-home audition through our Lending Library and Abyss is a 100% Sponsor for Summer Against Hunger.

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