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Synergistic Research's Orange Fuses: Buy 2 get 1 FREE in January

by Synergistic Research (Specials)


Synergistic Research recently released a new 5th Generation ORANGE Quantum Fuse ($159.95). And now in January these are on Buy 2 Get 1 FREE promotion!

SR took some of the things they learned from developing the limited edition Galileo SX Powercell AC line conditioner ($16,995), and applied these techniques to production of this latest generation of their fuses. This includes a new multi-stage high voltage treatment process as well as the application of Graphene and other "UEF" techniques used in previous fuse generations.

We have never been disappointed by the next generation of fuses released by Synergistic and this new Orange version is an even bigger step up than we were expecting.

To order, contact us, or just Express Order three (or more) Orange Fuses and we will manually adjust each third fuse to be a freebie, and will confirm all by email. 


The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Synergistic Research's NEW Orange Fuses:  Buy 2 get 1 FREE for 2 Weeks Only

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Fuse Extravaganza: Save 30-50%


Synergistic Research (Specials)

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