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Synergistic Active Ground Block SE, FREE HD Ground Cable Promotion!

Synergistic Active Ground Block SE, FREE HD Ground Cable Promotion!
Synergistic Active Ground Block SE, FREE HD Ground Cable Promotion!

For May only, we’ve got a great special offer from Synergistic Research: buy their best Active Ground Block SE ($2995) and Synergistic will throw in three of their $395 4Ft HD Ground Cables.  This is on top of all the other goodies which come standard with this device, and makes this the right time to put Active Grounding in your system.

Already own a Ground Block and want to upgrade to Active SE? Call us for trade-in details.

Want to try before you buy? Our Lending Library makes that possible!

Component grounding has become something of a wave in high end audio. It is important. We’ve been huge proponents of Synergistic’s Grounding products since the moment we first heard one in our main system. We were mightily impressed with the improvements the tiny, passive Grounding Block ($595) created, vastly expanding the soundstage, lowering the noise floor and acoustically tying the system together. The original concept was simply to tie the ground planes of all the various parts of an audio system to a single point. From cables to components, all were grounded to a single block, which would then connect to ground through the AC outlet.

We were truly surprised how much better yet Active Grounding is. With the 3rd generation Active Ground Block SE, there’s more air and space around every instrument, the tonal balance fleshes out, and the system’s overall ability to resolve the size and depth of the hall is greatly improved. Even if you don’t have other Synergistic products in your system, Active Grounding provides a stunning improvement, and May is a great time to hear what Active Ground can do for you! The Active Ground Block SE comes with four 4Ft and two 8Ft standard ground leads for use with SR cables. Ground cables to connect to components are available with a variety of terminations in either Basic ($99.95) or High Definition ($395) models.

The Active Ground Block SE features point-to-point wiring with a 99.995% Pure Silver Ground Strap enabling connection of up to 44 individual devices. Featuring a bevy of Synergistic advantages including internal active Uniform Energy Field, an Ultra Low Frequency Generator,  a 5-day burn-in process, and Quantum Tunneling, which pushes 1,000,000 volts through the connectors and cables to molecularly align the electrons.

To connect to the wall ground, the Active Ground Block SE comes with the Atmosphere Active Ground Block power cable used to charge the EM biasing cells derived from the $6500 PowerCell 12UEF SE. And during this promotion, the Active Ground Block SE also comes with 3 free 4Ft HD Ground Cables - value $1185! The HD Ground cables provide a substantial sonic improvement from Basic Ground cables, and we recommend prioritizing their use for Disc Players, DACs and Phono Preamps for maximum effect.

Please specify termination options for the free HD Ground Cables when placing your order.  Offer ends May 31st 2018. Order using our Specials Page.

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