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Not Isolated Enough Already? Symposium Acoustics' RollerBlock Jr. Isolation Specials!

by Symposium Acoustics (Specials)

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Rollerblock Jr ($275/3, $359/4): 

FREE UPGRADE from standard “Jr” to “JR+”, that is, a “free” upgrade to the superior Grade 10 Tungsten Carbide balls from Standard Chromium Steel bearings. Applies to sets of 3 or 4. This is a savings of $74 (set of 3) or $100 (set of 4).

Already own Rollerblock Jr?

Grade 10 Tungsten Upgrade: $25 each on special instead of $35.

Rollerblock HDSE:

$50 off on a set of 3. Reg. $449/3, now $399

$100 off for a set of 4. Reg. $599/4, now $499

Rollerblock HDSE (Heavy Duty Special Edition) is the superior Rollerblock Jr with 7075 aircraft alloy and “Hard Coat” anodizing. Includes Grade 10 Tungsten Carbide bearings.

Symposium Acoustics Rollerblock Jr's are one of the least expensive, most effective devices for removing resonance and distortion from audio components. They can be used effectively with virtually all components - digital sources, preamplifiers, and amplifiers - and can also be used to isolate entire shelves and platforms, turntables, power supplies (including AC "line conditioners") and loudspeakers.

As you can see in the image a set of three (sold in sets of 3 or 4) Rollerblock Jr. consists of of 6 tops and bottoms and 3 center bearings, to make 3 "Double Stacked" isolator/coupler units. Each top and bottom is constructed of black anodized, aircraft alloy aluminum, and has a 1.875" diameter (4.76 cm) and 5/8" (1.58 cm) thickness. These dimensions were carefully chosen to make Rollerblock Jr. easy to use and set up, yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of use under heavier equipment such as large amplifiers and heavy loudspeakers. The special cup interior has been designed so that the top and bottom "sandwich" is stable with the ball inserted in the center, making for easy setup. The bottom and top are flat and suitable for all equipment chassis, as well as flat surfaces and carpeting. 

What benefit is the Grade 10 Carbide Ball upgrade? Let's get technical.

There are two basic principles involved, which seem inherently contradictory: Isolation and Coupling. 

In terms of isolation, the better Grade 10 ball is ground to a higher precision than the standard Grade 25 Chromium Steel ball (which is the ball supplied with the standard Rollerblock Jr. system). The “Grade” of a ball means its precision in terms of sphericity and diameter; grade 25 means “25 parts per million” precision. Grade 10 means “10 parts per million” precision. The Grade 10 is therefore 2.5X more perfectly round. 

The precision of the ball is of great importance in a ball bearing isolation device such as the Rollerblock. Tiny perturbations caused by vibration create displacement in the substrate or support surface. As the substrate moves, the ball allows that which is placed above it to stay motionless, since the ball rotates in response. Inertial mass keeps the component more or less stationary, isolating it from vibration. The more perfectly round the ball, the more perfectly uniform its rotation during its response to displacement. When a ball is not round, as it rotates, it’s off-balance, like a tire that is not balanced. The rotational movements are very fast (and tiny), and any imbalance creates additional perturbations or irregularities - that is, if the ball is not perfectly balanced, when it rotates it actually creates new vibration. So, the more perfectly round the ball, the less secondary vibration and distortion it will cause. 

The other aspect of the Rollerblock, Coupling, is something that is profoundly influenced by the medium, or conduit, between the component and mechanical ground - whether that mechanical ground is a shelf or a dedicated isolation platform. The better the conductive pathway between the component and the mechanical ground, the better the results are. This is because vibration control isn’t just about isolation, it’s also about “damping,” which is in effect conducting inborn vibration to somewhere else, and thus away from sensitive circuitry or mechanisms. The “carbide” part of tungsten carbide is the aspect which improves mechanical conductivity, like products which use carbon, such as carbon fiber and other forms. So, compared to the standard chromium steel ball, the tungsten carbide ball provides better conductivity to ground.

The two principles combined together are very powerful; the superior, higher Grade 10 precision of the G10 balls gives greater resolution than the G25 chromium balls, improving rendition of “air and space,” sound staging, and inner detailing; and the tungsten carbide construction of the balls gives a better mechanical ground, improving bass, background quietness, authority, and image specificity.

So in summary, on special this month: 

-Free Bearing Upgrades on Rollerblock Jr.

-Price reduction on the better version of the Rollerblock Jr., the HDSE, which already includes the better bearings.

Just use the above links to order at the special May pricing, or contact  your favorite CableCo Consultant.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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  • Not Isolated Enough Already? Symposium Acoustics' RollerBlock Jr. Isolation Specials!

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