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Sutherland Engineering

Sutherland Engineering
Sutherland Engineering

We have loved Ron Sutherland’s phono preamps for years. He is a master at extracting every molecule of music from analog systems and making great sound. 

The KC Vibe phono preamp (only $895) benefits hugely from this pedigree, offering build-quality, flexibility and sonic capabilities comparable to preamps 2-3x more expensive. 

For those of you who already own the popular 20/20 Phono Amp ($2200) this is an excellent time to upgrade to the 20/20-specific Linear Power Supply (pictured - $450)

But what has really turned our collective heads recently is the Sutherland Little Loco Phono Stage ($3800) which uses an alternate form of amplification for the delicate signal from the phono cartridge with remarkable results. For more on this read our full report.  Call it our #1 house favorite here in New Hope.

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