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Sutherland Engineering

Sutherland Engineering
Sutherland Engineering

We have loved Ron Sutherland’s phono preamps for years. He is a master at extracting every molecule of music from analog systems and making great sound. 

The KC Vibe phono preamp (only $895) benefits hugely from this pedigree, offering build-quality, flexibility and sonic capabilities comparable to preamps 2-3x more expensive. 

But what has really turned our collective heads recently is the Sutherland Little Loco phono stage ($3800) which uses an alternate form of amplification for the delicate signal from the phono cartridge with outstanding results. For more on this read our full report.

Finally we should mention the exceedingly cool N1 Preamp; a stereo preamp (pictured) with phono stage included and Nixie tubes for the display! If you’ve never seen these, they are essentially vacuum tubes which display numbers! Used instead of LEDs or other forms of display they give the N1’s faceplate a warm, rich and highly legible display which makes the great-sounding N1 a unique centerpiece for any audio system.

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