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As we move in this series of articles from Part One, to Part Two,  to Part Three, we are also introducing less certainty about the acoustic treatment. EVERYONE will benefit from step one, the Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panels, regardless of the type of system, or the speaker setup approach. It is also the most cost effective of all the treatment options, the smallest, doesn't take up floor space, and the most effective for difficult to manage deep bass frequencies. If you haven't already, and you want to improve everything about the way your system or theater sounds, DO THIS NOW.

Steps two and three are offered with two channel stereo (only) in mind. There are also applications for these products for home theater, but with a few twists not covered here. Call to discuss your theater acoustics.

For two channel stereo, the Hallographs are a sure thing, just like the Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panels, but more expensive, requiring a little floor space, more visually intrusive, and requiring a little experimentation with the amount of the toe in. But, it is a powerful product, with an entirely complementary effect to the Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panels, and highly recommended. If you want to max out your room acoustically, you need the Hallographs, too.

Step three, selective introduction of damping/diffusion to the room, is the traditional approach to room acoustics. But it is also the most challenging approach, in terms of ultimate costs, floor space requirements, and the need for experimentation. You may or may not need damping/diffusion, but if you still have bass overhang or too much echo after working through the first two steps, you will know it. We can help you to approach this sensibly, and avoid overdoing it.

We hope that you have found this series on room acoustics to be thought-provoking. We invite your comments and feedback especially if you have followed our recommendations. And again:

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