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Stillpoints / Aperture Panels / Telos

Stillpoints / Aperture Panels / Telos
Stillpoints / Aperture Panels / Telos

All Stillpoints products are engineered to eliminate distortion, to isolate your components, and to enhance your room in such a way that more of the music comes through. 

Perhaps best known for their Ultra series of footers, Stillpoints has diversified into other aspects of vibration control with equal success. Take note of their elegant, upgradeable and highly effective ESS equipment racks which mechanically isolate equipment from the room. 

Aperture acoustic panels combine three distinct acoustical functions into a single panel to remove air-borne vibration and extend the acoustic boundaries of your room. 

Also importers of the Telos line of audiophile upgrades, which include their fuses. We are very pleased that ALL of the fuse brands we sell are 100% Sponsors for this year's Summer Against Hunger.

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