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Stillpoints / Aperture Panels

Stillpoints / Aperture Panels
Stillpoints / Aperture Panels

All Stillpoints products are engineered to eliminate distortion, to isolate your components and enhance your room in such a way that more of the music comes through. Perhaps best known for their Ultra series of footers, Stillpoints has diversified into other aspects of vibration control with equal success. Take note of their elegant, upgradeable and highly effective ESS equipment racks which mechanically isolate equipment from the room they’re in. Aperture acoustic panels combine three distinct acoustical functions into a single panel and remove air-borne vibration. If you’re an analog lover, placing an LP Isolator record clamp on your table eliminates micro and macro vibrations on the disc’s surface for enhanced resolution. Located just outside of Minneapolis/St Paul, Stillpoints products are proudly made in the USA. 

Stillpoints also imports and distributes:

Telos Audio Design

Based in Taiwan, Telos has developed an extremely loyal following for their entirely uncompromising vision of high-performance audio design. From the 2” thick machined aluminum chassis and round shape of their TD-04 Power Bar to the pure-copper base of their Platinum RCA caps, Telos Audio is the embodiment of the high-end and designed for the uncompromising, those who demand the absolute best.


Entreq Grounding Systems

For almost 20 years Entreq has been making some of the world’s most desirable grounding components. The grounding in most houses is designed to divert lethal overflows, not the smaller distortions on the ground plane created by myriad devices throughout the house. Filled with a proprietary material, Entreq Grounding Systems provide a low-impedance pathway for this energy creating a very strong ground plane which complements your home’s ground. The result is a significant reduction in noise levels coupled with an improvement in dynamic range.

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