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HEM-25 Footers

by fo.Q

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Save $600 on Three Sets of Fo.Q HEM-25 Footers

Everything in audio vibrates. It's a fact. As a result the "footer" on which a component is sitting can have a profound effect on performance.

The amusingly named Fo.Q company from Japan has a marvelous footer they call HEM-25.  Available in brass (a little fuller sounding) or stainless steel versions combined with a high tech composite material called "Zero Bounce," these are one of the highest performing, most transparent footers we have come across.

 $1125/4, but if you buy 3 sets you can get special pricing of $950 per set and the importer will also include one set of TA-32  ($85) Damping Material for free, all together a $600 special offer.


A footer that enhances transparency to a remarkable degree. These should be considered as a necessary component in their own right.

Vibrations are converted to electrical energy, and then to heat, enabling super efficient absorption.

•No rubber or heavy metal overtones

•Efficient attenuation of the finest vibrations

•The purest and clearest tones

Formed of a composite material founded in a new technology in which particulate piezoelectric material and a dielectric with high permittivity are dispersed throughout a polymeric base.

We have experienced first hand the staggering effect these footers have on every component they are placed under, including but not limited to:

•Power Conditioners

•Turntable Motor Controllers

•Amplifiers and Preamplifiers

•DACs, Clocks, Upsamplers, Transports


The more you use in a system, the better things get.

"My system can not be without them as the additional "jump factor" has been exponential..."

"Just a note to thank you for bringing the fo.Q technology to my attention.  It has made a profound difference the the overall musical presentation of my system.  Especially the HEM-25 footers, both brass and stainless models.  The brass and stainless steel footers each enhance performance in their own way, complementing and reinforcing each other, bringing out the best of each component.  My system cannot be without them, as the additional "jump factor" has been exponential in benefitting the sound. The musical presentation is so much more alive and present. As good as my individual components are, the footers have taken them to a much higher level that I did not expect.  After the first listen, I was hooked. Everyone in my listening group agrees that these are a game changer. 


The above information is from the manufacturer.
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