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FREE Freight Offers on the Outstanding Butcher Block Acoustics Racks and Platforms

by Butcher Block Acoustics (Specials)


FREE Freight Offers on the Outstanding Butcher Block Acoustics Racks and Platforms

We consider the new line of high performance audio racks from Butcher Block Acoustics to be something of a break through. The brainchild of designer and music lover Jim Whithorne, Butcher Block Acoustics is an audiophile rack manufacturer unlike any other. With inspiration taken from 43 years in the high end furniture business, these beautifully finished hardwood racks offer sturdy construction, gorgeously rich sonics and a timeless aesthetic designed to last a lifetime.

Why Is The Rack Important?

A truly optimized music system needs to be built on a great foundation. 

That foundation is, of course, the audio rack combined with other resonance control devices. 

Until the unwanted resonances that: 

-mask the inner detail of the music

-cloud the imaging

-allow the out of control bass to muddy the midrange 

...are addressed, you have not heard your system reproduce music the way it is capable of. We have always advocated for the use of dedicated audio supports for serious systems, and we have some great racks on offer, but to date all of our top performance racks have something in common: lots of metal. 

How many times have we been asked for a high performance rack line made from wood? And ideally not costing an arm and a leg? FINALLY we are pleased to offer just that, new designs specifically for audio from Butcher Block Acoustics.

Every Butcher Block Acoustics rack features Rock Maple from the forests of Northern Michigan and/or Black Walnut sourced from right here in Pennsylvania. These two woods are prized for their acoustical properties: just ask your favorite guitar or piano manufacturer! Black Walnut is slightly less dense and has a warmer tone, Rock Maple is denser and has a faster more neutral sound. Both offer a more organic and inviting presentation than just about any other shelving material available. Regardless of wood choice, each shelf provides an outstanding platform for your prized audio components, managing vibration and allowing you to hear much deeper into the music.

Starting at just under $1000 for a substantial 24" x 18" 3 shelf rack which includes 1.5"-thick solid Rock Maple shelves and legs, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value in an audio rack. Take a look at the photos, which although they don't really do justice, will give you an idea of just how solid and handsome these racks are.

Even if you already have a performance rack, you can improve your current system with a Butcher Block Acoustics platform. A Rock Maple 1.75”-thick stand-alone shelf starts at under $60, or get a 3” thick platform for under $90. Simply slide them underneath any component and hear the sonic improvements Maple or Walnut hardwood brings.

What's the catch? 

There is none. No corners were cut. This is just a really good, established furniture manufacturer that happens to be run by an audiophile who decided to offer racks and platforms to audiophiles at really good prices. 

We approve!


A solid hardwood shelf is heavy. A rack made with these materials even more so. For a limited time, we are offering FREE FREIGHT* on ALL Butcher Block Acoustics racks as well as on BBA Platform purchases of at least $100 ($25 flat shipping for Platform orders under $100).

* Free freight offer is valid only within the 48 Continental USA and by surface freight only. Other destinations and air freight require a freight quote.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
Have a question? Connect with our Audio Gurus at 800-328-9973 or 215-862-4870 or Send email or use Contact form. You can also take advantage of our system matching expertise with a Free System Consultation.

FREE Freight Offers on the Outstanding Butcher Block Acoustics Racks and Platforms

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