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AntiMode 2.0 Dual Core

by DSPeaker


Regular Price: $1,199.00

Special Price $999.00


DSPeaker Price Reductions- save up to $200.

The most effective digital solution to room acoustic issues, including speakers which must be placed against the wall rather than in free space, is the DSPeaker AntiMode 2.0 Dual Core, which we now have on special for $200 off, just $999.

This device and the less expensive 8033SMkII (now $445 on special: for stereo subs) is also the best ways to upgrade and integrate the performance of conventional powered subwoofers which are connected to an output on your preamp or home theater processor. In other words anything other than the superior REL subs.

Powerful upgrades, easy to use, highly recommended!


2.0 Dual Core – The Most Versatile Automatic Room Correction System

TAMPERE, Finland. DSPeaker is pleased to announce its new flagship room correction product: AntiModeTM 2.0 Dual Core. It is a highly customizable audio processor which builds upon the acclaimed AntiModeTM algorithm. In addition of being able to correct a pair of fullrange speakers (or a dualsubwoofer system) in an acoustically challenging environment, it offers a wide variety of adjustments for the overall sound.

AntiModeTM 2.0 Dual Core offers DAC functionality with automatic room correction, EQ and volume control in a single, remotecontrolled package. It lives up to the DSPeaker's reputation of extreme ease of use without compromising performance. No computer is required for setup or use.

It is common knowledge that any listening environment suffers from standing waves and bass problems regardless of loudspeakers and/or subwoofers being used. AntiModeTM from DSPeaker is arguably one of the most successful and critically acclaimed technologies for digital room correction.  This technology has now been refined and improved even further.


  • Automatically corrects any stereo system with userdefined
  • frequency range
  • Remote controller
  • Can be used as a digital 1.1 crossover
  • Measures and displays the room response on a color TFT display
  • Supports multiple measurement points
  • Custom parametric EQs (notching, peaking, lowpass, highpass)
  • Easy to use House curve and Tiltcurve
  • tools
  • Supports several independent “sweet spots”, selectable with remote controller
  • Dual 6 MHz oversampling multibit
  • DAC per output channel
  • Dual 192 kHz ADC per input channel
  • Pure Digital mode (Optical)
  • Digitally controlled analog volume control
  • Physical dimensions: 235x53x140 mm (9 1/4 x 2 x 5 1/2 “)


  • 2 x Goldplated
  • balanced XLR / RCA inputs
  • 2 x Goldplated
  • balanced XLR / RCA outputs
  • USB connector
  • Optical Toslink S/PDIF input
  • Optical Toslink S/PDIF output
  • DSPeaker datalink connector


  • 2 x VS8053 “IceDragon” (Audio DSP)
  • 1 x VS1000 (CPU)


The above information is from the manufacturer.
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