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Special $175 Pricing on the New AIR Version of the Shakti Stone

by Shakti Innovations (Special)


Two of the most successful, long-running audiophile upgrades are the Shakti Electromagnetic Stabilizer, aka the "Shakti Stone" (reg. $230; $175 on special), and Shakti On-Lines ($99/pr), both of which have undergone their first modifications in 20 years! The new versions are embossed with "AIR," which stands for Active Intermodulation Reduction. These new versions improve upon the proven capacity of the originals to reduce EMI (electromagnetic interference) for a lower noise floor due to reduced distortion yielding improved resolution.

The Shakti Stone, on special now for $175, is a broad spectrum EMI absorber which is simply placed on top of audio electronics.

The Shakti Onlines are basically a mini version of the Stone, typically attached with Velcro straps to audio cables at their midpoint where an electromagnetic standing wave can form due to the differing impedance of the components at either end.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Special $175 Pricing on the New AIR Version of the Shakti Stone

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