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Sorcerer x4 Power Conditioner



Sorcerer x4

The Sorcer designs change the quality of the AC line (single phase) starting from the circuit breaker box and throughout the home or commercial space. It does not employ filters, isolation transformers, AC line regeneration, nor balanced power techniques. It uses line transformers connected in series along with proprietary digital amplifier circuitry under algorithm control. The AC line is "re-referenced" or re-clocked with low frequency harmonics that neutralize noise.

The "ultimate solution" Sorcerer x4 utilizes 5  transformers. 110/230 VAC 50/60 Hz. Please specify region of use.

 Recommended Uses: 

Plug directly into a wall outlet

Close proximity to components

Close proximity to breaker box

All ADD-Powr products

Use algorithm based em fields, whether conducted or radiated, in order to generate the energy to re-reference electrical signals. The method of generation and conditioning differs between products in that as you move up the product line, the algorithms differ and the power of fields generated increases with the addition of inductor coils.

ElectraCleardoes not use coils. Rather, the energy field generated is directly propagated through the AC wiring.

All products can be used in commercial/pro audio/video environments as well as in consumer audio/video. The benefits are evident in the recording/mixing/mastering processes.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Add Powr Sorcerer x4 Power Conditioner


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