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Sonoma M1 and Aperio Electrostatic Headphone Systems

Sonoma M1 and Aperio Electrostatic Headphone Systems
Sonoma M1 and Aperio Electrostatic Headphone Systems

Most headphone hobbyists at some point are drawn to the sound of electrostatic headphones. Electrostatic headphones excel at speed, clarity and transparency. Sonoma Acoustics manufactures what are arguably the two best complete electrostatic headphone systems available.

Released in 2017 to worldwide acclaim from the team that was originally assembled to develop the world’s first DSD recording and editing system (the Sonoma Workstation to record SACD), the Sonoma Acoustics' M1 Headphone System ($4999) is a complete electrostatic headphone System including a dedicated amp/energizer/high Resolution DAC.

But this year Sonoma released what they hope will become known as the greatest headphone system ever developed. The new Aperio is a $24k system consists of a new generation electrostatic headphone combined with a statement level DAC/Amp, with the analog as well as digital inputs and control features needed to also be considered a stand-alone full function line stage preamp.

Standing on broad shoulders, this new Aperio model improves upon the highly regarded M-1 Headphone System, which itself has recently been upgraded and now offers increased dynamic range and higher maximum loudness. Many would have considered the M1 to be the state-of-the-art headphone system. All we can say is with audio components, you often don't know that better exists until you hear it!

Sonoma, by Warwick Acoustics is a 100% Sponsor for Summer Against Hunger.

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