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Shunyata's New Denali 6000S v2

Shunyata's New Denali 6000S v2
Shunyata's New Denali 6000S v2

Meanwhile Shunyata Research has been working to upgrade their popular Denali series AC line conditioners. First up is the Denali 6000S v2 ($4500), the more conventional 6 outlet rack mount variation of the truncated pyramid Denali design which has achieved rave reviews and multiple Product of the Year awards.

The v2 designs feature significantly improved dynamic (peak-current) performance and even more isolation between the outlets, combined with a 20A High Current continuous rating, non current-limiting electromagnetic breakers and massive 8 gauge internal wiring running to Shunyata's proprietary CopperCONN pure copper outlets and all of the famous Shunyata tech, much of which is derived from their efforts in the medical imaging business.

For more on Shunyata's technology check out the technology guide on the Shunyata website, where you can also find a whole series of useful videos.

Available for in-home audition through The Cable Library.


We should also mention that we have a few remaining two outlet Denali 2000T line conditioners available at the special price of $2000 (originally $3495). Ideal to improve the dynamics and lower the noise for small systems or remote amplifiers. Only while our supplies last.

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