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September Special: 40% off on all 7 Models of High Fidelity Cables "In-line" Powerline Conditioners using Discount Code HFC40.

by High Fidelity Cables (Specials)



High Fidelity Cables is famous for the Magnetic Conduction technology which is used in all of their products. This month we are offering a massive 40% discount on ALL High Fidelity In-Line Powerline Conditioners. This promo does not include their MC-0.5 or MC-1 "handheld" parallel conditioners, only the multi-outlet, in-line powerline conditioners.

High Fidelity Cables In-line AC power conditioners start with the MC-6 Power Distributor  (pictured: reg. $999, now $599), which is basically a supercharged in-line version of their MC-0.5 handheld conditioner with the addition of 6 outlets. Effective and high value. Can also serve as an outlet extension strip for use with other types of power conditioners.

A super-charged version of the MC-6 called MC-6 Hemisphere  (reg. $2800, now $1680) uses better parts and incorporates the "Helix" technology used in their top end products.

The further enhanced, 10 outlet MC-10 Signature (reg. $5999, now $3599) doubles up on the magnetic power of the MC-6 Hemisphere for incredible performance in this low profile design.

Unlike most other power conditioners this design approach can also be a complement to, or an outlet extension for, other line filtration products to enhance THEIR effectiveness. At the special September savings of $2400, this is a remarkable value!

Here we pause and take a deep breath before getting into High Fidelity Cables super-exotic 5 figure line conditioners:

The fundamental, patented concept of the entire High Fidelity Cables product line is the use of magnetism to focus and concentrate electrons to create a more "efficient" electrical and signal conducting pathway. Their website has a series of videos to explain what they are doing. Following this concept to its conclusion, to put it simply, bigger, more powerful magnets will do a better job. Designer Rick Schultz pushes the envelope with his top designs, which he would acknowledge many would find impractical, and most would feel too expensive to consider. His top model, the 178 lb. Professional Elite power conditioner at $80,000 (but available in Sept. at a whopping $32000 off!), has off the chart magnetic specifications. It is a statement of the possible.

A little closer to earth, the non "Elite" version of the Pro Series (pictured: reg. $50k, $30k this month) is more manageable size and weight-wise, and offers simply astonishing performance.

In an effort to bring Pro Series levels of performance within reach of more audiophiles, there are two power conditioning entries in the company's new "Orchestral Series" of high performance cables and power conditioners: the Orchestral Helix (reg. $25k, now $15k) and the Orchestral Double Helix Signature (reg. $37k, now $22200). Like the Pro Series power conditioners, magnetic pull in the two Orchestral models is measured in tons, not pounds! Each incorporates six large internal “Wave Guides” to focus all of this magnetic force to a pinpoint to maximize the transfer of energy within the system.

All of these power conditioners are 40% off in September!

To take advantage of this 40% off special enter discount code HFC40 when you order any of the featured Powerline Conditioners online, or contact your favorite CableCo Consultant.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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September Special: 40% off on all 7 Models of High Fidelity Cables "In-line" Powerline Conditioners using Discount Code HFC40.

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