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Save up to $200 on Double Wide Solidsteel VL Series Racks

by Solidsteel (Specials)


Solidsteel is an Italian manufacturer of high value audio racks and stands. Their VL Series racks are one of our favorite "double wides." They are especially useful for applications where both LP's and components need homes and cal also serve as an elegant support for TV's.

Starting at only $699 on special, Solidsteel's modular threaded pillar system allows you to add shelves as your collection and system grows. The shelves have a 264 lb weight-bearing capacity, so these racks can hold just about anything. The 12.8" tall bottom shelves can fit roughly 120 LP's all the way across. The spacing is 8'8" for the higher shelves, but if you need 2 levels for LP's, kits are available to expand the space on the next level up for this purpose.

The frames come from the company's S Series racks using anodized aluminum pillars filled with Solidsteel's absorbent sponge material to control vibrations. The shelves are made from MDF with a walnut finish. The racks come both with leveling spikes and with protective floor discs.

For more information check out the VL Series racks link link and save now:

• VL-2 $100 OFF now $699.

• VL-3 $150 OFF now $999.

• VL-4 $200 OFF now $1299.

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The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Save up to $200 on Double Wide Solidsteel VL Series Racks

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  • Save up to $200 on Double Wide Solidsteel VL Series Racks

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