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Save 40% on ALL Wywires Cables! Very Limited Time Promo

Save 40% on ALL Wywires Cables! Very Limited Time Promo
Save 40% on ALL Wywires Cables! Very Limited Time Promo
For a very limited time we are offering 40% off on ALL Wywires cables, all models of digital cables, headphone cables, interconnects, speaker cables and power cords.

Let's break it down:

Wywires cables share the same design principles of air, cotton and PTFE Teflon dielectrics along with their proprietary Litz wire. 

The "Silver" models were their first cable series and it represents the starting point for all of their designs. 

"Blue" vs "Silver" – The Blue Series is a trickle down design family that takes the key elements of the Silver design, but uses less costly materials and a more economical assembly process. 

"Platinum" vs "Silver"  –  Platinum takes most of the elements of Silver, but adds additional conductor material of varying gauges for greater frequency extension especially at the low end, with increased dynamic range and “slam”. In addition, the Platinum is more dimensional with better separation of instruments and performers within the soundstage. 

"Diamond" – Diamond is the newest cable in the Wywires lineup and contains a complex combination of different conductor and dielectric materials, optimized to provide a neutral and well-balanced tone, along with detail retrieval that goes beyond even the Platinum series. 

Wywires also offers two versions of their "RED" series headphone cables which can be customized for almost any high end headphone.

Whichever level and budget of Wywires cable is interesting to you, right now we will reduce your cost by 40% when you use discount code WY40 at checkout. Just call, email, or order online.
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