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Save 25% in November on ALL Products from High Fidelity Cables with discount code HFC25

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High Fidelity Cables is famous for their Magnetic Conduction technology which is used in all of their cables, and also in their powerline products. This month we are offering 25% off on ALL High Fidelity products with no exclusions. This means you can get 25% off on all of their digital, interconnect, speaker and AC cables, as well as on their powerline filters. Just use the PROMO Code HFC25 when you order to receive your 25% discount.


The wide range of HFC cables are extremely impressive, but in our experience the most highest value products in the High Fidelity Cables extensive catalog of upgrade devices, and the best way to get your feet wet, are the MC-0.5 (reg.$299) and MC-0.5 Helix+ (reg.$599) series of "hand held" AC line conditioners. 

These devices offer powerful and cumulative improvements to your AC power. Both devices work at any voltage.  Both make use of High Fidelity Cables patented Magnetic Conduction technology. To learn more about the tech, take a look at the manufacturer's series of videos on the topic.

The MC-0.5 Helix+ takes the core MC-0.5 technology another step up. 

Helix+ refers to a method of aligning the lines of flux that are produced by the magnets. Basically everything that the MC-0.5 does, the MC-0.5 Helix+ does better. It further improves speed and attack. It has even better soundstaging and imaging characteristics. The best description, and what really matters, is the elevated level of realism in the music reproduction.


Using the standard MC-0.5 in the same system with the MC-0.5 Helix + adds an extra boost of pure magnetic power for the added authority that magnetic conduction can offer to your music system. With the combo you simply get more magnetism, and this helps to bring your music to life. 

The two versions of the MC-0.5 modules are the least expensive way to add Magnetic Conduction to your AC. Both of these devices plug into unused outlets and operate in parallel to the AC cables running to the components. They can be used individually, or, as we suggest, in combination to enhance the cumulative effect. At audio shows High Fidelity Cables will employ dozens of these devices together to tame the unruly AC in the hotels and convention centers. 


The MC-1 Pro (reg. $1599) makes use of a patented capacitor design to couple capacitor filtering with powerful magnetic wave guides. The soundstage opens up side to side and front to back allowing you to hear into the back corners of the stage - very difficult to achieve. Images are more clearly defined. Tonality, clarity, dynamic contrasts, and frequency extension are all improved.


Sonically the MC-1 PRO Helix+  (reg $2699 each) is cleaner, faster and even more resolving of fine detail, leading edge, sound stage and imaging than the standard MC-1 PRO. 

For an article comparing the MC-1 PRO to the MC-1 PRO Helix+ take a look at the Guest Report from earlier this year in our Newsletter Archives.

To take advantage of this 25% off special just enter discount code HFC25 when you order and High Fidelity Cables products online, or contact your favorite CableCo Consultant.

Highly recommended, and most products are available for in-home audition through The Cable Library.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Save 25% in November on ALL Products from High Fidelity Cables with discount code HFC25

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  • Save 25% in November on ALL Products from High Fidelity Cables with discount code HFC25

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