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Save $1495 NOW on Shunyata's Denali 2000T.

Save $1495 NOW on Shunyata's Denali 2000T.
Save $1495 NOW on Shunyata's Denali 2000T.

The 2 outlet Denali 2000T (reg.$3495, on sale NOW for $2000) is one of two flagship models in Shunyata Research's Denali series of AC line conditioners.

Drawing on ideas developed for Shunyata's growing presence in AC noise control for medical applications, the unique truncated pyramid design, incorporating a massive base, was adopted for both placement and resonance control reasons. The patented "Noise Isolation Chambers," "Virtual Tube" internal wiring and "CopperConn" outlets developed for the Triton are used in the Denali designs. 

Specifically designed for use with high current amplifiers, the 2 outlet Denali 2000T appears as a shorter version of the full 6 outlet Denali "pyramid." In fact the filtration circuits are modified for their intended use - big amps or video projectors. 

Got big amps? Or a small, but high resolution system only needing 2 outlets? Improve dynamics while lowering the noise floor and save almost $1500 on the Denali 2000T.

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