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SA Saxo 5 Active Bookshelf Bluetooth Speakers (Pair)

by System Audio


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Regular Price: $1,295.00

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25% Off on SA-Saxo 1 and SA-Saxo 5, AWARD WINNING Compact Active Loudspeaker from System Audio - Denmark.

  • Charge your phone while playing music with integrated 5V USB charger. Deliver highly efficient, powerful sound to any room from your dorm room to kitchen, work-out, garage, family, audio room. No need to run wires with Bluetooth® wireless technology.
  • With a built-in amplifier (2x50Watts), multiple Digital and Analog inputs, allows for audio connection of external components, like TVs, CD Players, Gaming Consoles etc. and of course Bluetooth audio streaming. Also the SAXO speakers allow for connecting an optional powered subwoofer if needed.
  • System Audio award winning SA Saxo 5 Active Bluetooth Speakers are the best performing bookshelf speakers that sets the standard in electro-acoustic design and sound.
  • Seamlessly add a SA Saxo subwoofer 10 to further enhance low frequencies and overall performance.
  • Using System Audio's own patented acoustic DXT-lens and its powerful amplifier, developed by SA, you can enjoy great sound throughout the room. The package contains two speakers, a remote control, a speaker cable, a power cable and a user guide.

We did it again: "Create a wireless speaker that is better than the best". That was the challenge for SA's design team when they started working with SA saxo 5 active. The battle has not been fought behind distant horizons, because the task was to surpass our own SA saxo 1 Active, awarded "Loudspeaker of the Year Award in Scandinavia-2014". The SA saxo 5 active was created using the same successful formula as the award-winning SA saxo 1 active. Like its creator, the new model 5 speaker cabinets are built from wood, because wooden cabinets reproduce the best possible sound. The SA saxo speakers also utilize the SA patented acoustic DXT-lens, which disperses great sound throughout the entire room. The listening experience sets new standards: If you've never heard your favorite music from your smartphone through SA saxo speakers it is hard to imagine what you've been missing. If you've never experienced how a pair of good external speakers can transform your TV experience to a life like moment, we have a new world available for you. The SA saxo 5 Active is more than just a "loudspeaker". As a true performer SA saxo 5 Active doesn't have much in common with other speakers capable of receiving music through Bluetooth. SA developed from the ground up the powerful and musical built-in amplifiers, just like you would expect from a complete HiFi system. With SA saxo 5 Active in your room, you will hear everything from the delicate details of the music to the precise rhythmic beat, all delivered in a natural sound stage with true sense of energy and presence. All made possible primarily by pushing the limits and boundaries of physics, which lead to the development of the NEW SA 13 cm (5.11") woofer with an extremely lightweight membrane that reproduces sound in a clear and authentic manner like never before.

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