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Rega - Summer Against Hunger 2019

Rega - Summer Against Hunger 2019
Rega - Summer Against Hunger 2019

Britain's Rega is one of the best-known nameplates in audio. For over 40 years, Rega products have been treasured by music lovers all over the world. 

Rega has always taken a deliberate approach to releasing new models, famously waiting almost 10 years after the introduction of the Compact Disc to release their first CD player. If Rega couldn’t do it right, they weren’t going to do it all. These days Rega makes a wide variety of products from phono cartridges to speakers, integrated amps to DACs. All are relative bargains at their prices. 

Their newest turntable is an "active" version of their entry level Planar 1 turntable, called the Planar 1+ ($595). By active we mean that Rega has installed a modified moving magnet Fono Mini phono stage ($175, but in the Planar 1+ without the USB interface for ripping analog to a computer) right under the plinth so that no other phono stage input is required. Connect to any line stage input on your preamp, integrated amp, or receiver, or go directly into a pair of active speakers. Perfect for the dorm!

As a 100% Sponsor, ALL Rega purchases this month from CableCo are 100% matched with donations to CARE.

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