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PS Audio DirectStream DAC/DirectStream Transport Special Package Deal

PS Audio DirectStream DAC/DirectStream Transport Special Package Deal
PS Audio DirectStream DAC/DirectStream Transport Special Package Deal

The PS Audio DirectStream DAC ($5999) and DirectStream Memory Player ($5999) is one of our very favorite DAC/Transport systems at any price, and on special this month for $10999 when purchased together, absolutely the best digital front end for anywhere near the price. The system allows for reference level performance from Silver Discs, Computer Audio, and Streaming sources. And this is the only digital system which allows even high resolution discs (SACD, DVDA) to be decoded from their native bit stream.

The PS Audio DirectStream DAC and DirectStream Memory Player combination performs at and beyond DAC-Transport "stacks" from other manufacturers that sell for several times what the PS Audio DirectStream combination's price. For more, check out the reviews from Tone Audio and Audiostream.

Many manufacturers make claims that their D/A converters are upgradable, but in practice few ever implement any such upgrades, and if they do offer upgrades they invariably make it a profit center. PS Audio actually does release upgrades and they do it for FREE! Since the PS Audio DirectStream DAC utilizes a FPGA (Field Programable Gate Array) for the digital to analog conversion this allows PS Audio to upgrade the DAC by updating the Firmware when they feel that positive changes can be implemented.

PS Audio has just released the newest Firmware version called "Huron" available here. Huron is the 3rd or 4th major firmware upgrade that PS Audio has offered. Each update has offered further refinements and improvements. The best news is that PS Audio does not charge for these firmware updates - download the software and you are good to go. This upgradeability means that this could well be your final investment in a digital front end for your system. As technological advancements become available in the future, your DirectStream DAC can keep pace.

Now is the perfect time to find the best deal ever on this reference level combination. Now through the end of June the PS Audio DirectStream DAC and DirectStream Transport are available for a special package price of $10,999. Let us know about any high quality trades you may want to use to further reduce your investment in a new - maybe your last - upgraded digital front end.

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