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Our 3rd Quarter feature articles are worth taking another look:

Our 3rd Quarter feature articles are worth taking another look:
Our 3rd Quarter feature articles are worth taking another look:

Autumn is officially here and it's time to look back on our feature articles from the last several months and also some special offers!
Our 3rd Quarter feature articles are worth taking another look:

• In September we debuted Wolf Audio - truly high-end Audio Servers made right here in the USA. Whether you are a veteran at computer audio or just considering taking the plunge, this is must-read material.  Take a look here


In July we surveyed what we consider the best of the best in sub-$10k highest performance preamps. Referencing our earlier article on the Sutherland N1 for our analog-based readers, we focused on the Backert Labs Rhumba line stage preamps for those with digital front ends, and the Rogue Audio RH-5 for serious headphone enthusiasts. Read these articles; New Backert Labs Rhumba 1.2 and Rhumba ExtremeThe Rogue Audio RH-5: THE preamp for Headphone Enthusiasts:, and New Shunyata Research Power and Signal Cables Finally in the Library!


August was dominated by our 22nd annual Summer Against Hunger fundraiser for CARE. We are busily collecting matching contributions from our supporting manufacturer sponsors and expect to announce our final results for this year's program in 6-8 weeks. 

 We also celebrated the release of:

• The new Beetle micro-DAC ($199), Audioquest’s first free-standing DAC featuring the same 32Bit ESS Sabre DAC chipset in the Dragonfly Black, a USB Micro input, as well as Bluetooth and Toslink inputs. Beetle receives the first implementation of Asynchronous Bluetooth we’ve ever encountered and it’s a huge improvement over standard Bluetooth! Much more transparent and engaging. Like Dragonfly, Beetle features a 3.5mm headphone jack output which can also be used as a line-out. Beetle sets a new standard for sub-$200 DACs and is a great way to add Bluetooth to a music system.

 •  The new Phi version of the Abyss headphones  (from $4495) features an all-new driver with a vastly stronger magnet and a lighter diaphragm. These 'cans are the king of the hill!

  • Kimber Kables new Axios USB link (from $710), is an extreme high-end, proprietary woven USB design which sets the new standard for Kimber and their USB cables.

• The new PS Audio Stellar Gain DAC/preamp ($1699) and Stellar S300 power amp ($1499) are an extraordinary value in solid-state electronics. We've spent a lot of time listening to this combo and we're very impressed with the level of sophistication both pieces have exhibited. We've NEVER had this much fun listening to gear in the sub-$2k category. Excellent!

 • Synergistic Research's new next-generation component grounding system, the Active Ground Block (from $1995), which we consider a true breakthrough and a front-runner for our in-house Product of the Year. You have no idea how important this upgrade can be for your entire system. Must hear.


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